I received my very first electronic tablet when I was just a year old. Since then it has broken, and I inherited two passed down from my parents after they upgraded theirs, and I got a different brand of tablet this past Christmas. That's 4 electronic devices I have personally used...and I'm just 7 years old! So I started to think about where all those devices would eventually end up.


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As a Girl Scout Daisy it is important to me to use resources wisely and do what I can to protect the Earth. I came up with the idea of eTreasure. eTreasure is built on the idea that instead of just throwing our electronic devices away, they can be recycled, refurbished and redistributed to help people in our community and ultimately help keep our environment free of eTrash. Old cell phones can be fixed and given to soldiers overseas to call home or to women in domestic violence shelters. Old tablets can be cleared and fixed and given to underprivileged children who do not have access to technology in their home. And computers can be updated and donated to create computer labs at needy schools. Please consider donating your used devices to eTreasure, Inc. today. Together we can do great things for our community and planet. eTreasure, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

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Receiving my first tablet at age 1